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Preparing for Winter and the Holiday Season

Parents and Students, as we enter the Winter season, there are a some things we should keep in mind.  First parents, make sure your child is properly clothed for the cold and rainy season.  Make sure you child comes to school with warm clothing.  Even though your child may not want to wear a sweater, sweat shirt, or jacket, send them with one nevertheless.  Too often they will complain later in the day that they are cold.

As we enter the Holiday season, remind your child to be aware of drivers who often are rushing to deliver items to stores and homes.  All students must be aware of all traffic before crossing streets.  Remind your child to always walk across all streets.

We want all of our students to be healthy and safe as we enter this season.

Thank you!  Fillmore Staff

Upcoming Dates

Thanksgiving Week - Nov. 23rd - 27th - No School

Winter Break - Dec. 21 - Jan. 1, 2016 - No School

Return Back From Winter Break - Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

End of 2nd Quarter - Jan. 15, 2016

Martin Luther King Day - Jan. 18, 2016 - No School

Report Cards Go Home - Jan. 25, 2016

Fillmore Student Dress Code

Parents and students, even though we are not a uniform dress code school, all students are still expected to dress appropriately for school and to adhere to the following dress code guidelines:

NO over-sized clothing (up to one size larger)

All shirts must NOT be longer than the pockets on a pair of pants

Belts must be tucked into the loops of a pair of pants.  Buckles must be free of any symbols or initials

NO baggy or sagging pants

NO RED or ROYAL BLUE clothing of any kind (pants, t-shirts, shoe laces, belts, ribbons, hats, backpacks, etc.)

NO WHITE T-SHIRTS of any kind including V-neck or round neck

NO under garments or underwear are to be visible at anytime including girl's bra straps

NO skinny straps, halter tops, low-cut blouses, or strapless (dresses or tops) girl's tops

Shorts and skirts must be longer than the finger tips when hands are at the student's side

NO flip flops or sandals without a back strap

NO jerseys of any kind, or sports clothing or hats of any team (Raiders, 49ers, etc.)

All hats worn must be of a solid color (no royal blue or red) with NO insignia on them

NO inappropriate or offensive logos, pictures, wording, or advertisements on clothing

Please note there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the above dress code.  If your child attends school with any of the above clothing items, they will not be allowed in class and will be sent to the office to change their clothing or sent home.

College Week - Steps to Success Events Bring Council Member Michael Tubbs & NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez to Fillmore!

From March 31st through April 4th, Fillmore conducted its 1st Annual "College Week - Steps to Success" event for middle school students.  Throughout the week, students were given activities related to career awareness such as researching their career goals and creating a timeline of steps on how to get there.  They also heard a presentation from Delta College recruiter Arianna Gonzalez who explained how to complete college classes before even beginning college.  On Friday, students went on a field trip to Sacramento State University to visit the campus and to get a feel of what is it like to be a college student.

But on Wednesday, April 2nd, the excitement began with an incredible presentation by City Councilman Michael Tubbs. Councilman Tubbs immediately connected with students by describing the neighborhood he grew up in here in Stockton.  Raised by a single mom, he nevertheless stayed focused in school despite being surrounded with drugs and gang influences in his neighborhood and having an incarcerated father.  He explained his journey from middle school to college, playing basketball during his free time at the local park, being a student in Franklin High School's IB Program, studying abroad in South Africa during his Junior year at Stanford, and later on meeting President Barack Obama while completing an internship at the White House.  After his presentation, Councilman Tubbs allowed students to ask questions.  Tubbs also asked students for their suggestions regarding city problems.  At the completion of his 40 minute presentation, many students gathered around Councilman Tubbs to have private as well as groups conversations.

Then on Thursday, April 3rd, NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez made a "surprise" visit to Fillmore in the afternoon.  Many middle school students had no idea who our guest speaker would be that afternoon.  He was introduced by invited guest SUSD Superintendent Dr. Lowder.  Included among the special guests were Stockton School Board President Mrs. Kathy Garcia and Teachers College of San Joaquin Administrator Ms. Pamela Dunham.  Being a former Fillmore alumni, Jose Hernandez connected with students with his presentation when he explained his father's advise or "recipe" on how to become an astronaut.  The students again were inspired by another person who grew up in their neighborhood of migrant farmworker parents, attended their same elementary school, went on to Franklin High School and eventually to University of the Pacific.  He graduated from UOP with an Engineering degree and never lost sight of his goal to become an astronaut despite being rejected 11 times.  During his presentation, students watched a video of Jose's life from childhood to astronaut.  At the conclusion of his presentation, Hernandez challenged students to work hard in school and to "Reach for the Stars" so that they too can fulfill their dreams.

Fillmore sends a sincere thank you to our two wonderful guest speakers.  Because you care, you have made a tremendous impact on our students.  Thank you and we look forward to your return to Fillmore Elementary!

Letters to Our Troops Brings Congressman Jerry McNerney to Visit Fillmore

On Tuesday November 5, 2013, Congressman Jerry McNerney visited Fillmore's STEP Up After-School Program to collect and deliver student written letters to our overseas U.S. troops based in Afghanistan.  When Congressman McNerney arrived, STEP Up students were busy writing their letters.  McNerney visited students at their tables and spoke with them as they worked.  In addition, he spoke to the entire group and praised their letter writing project as one that would definitely be heart-felt especially to soldiers who are thousands of miles away from home and will not be with their families during the upcoming holidays.  Later during the visit, selected students read their letters to Congressman McNerney and the entire STEP Up student assembly.  The student letters to the troops were filled with encouragement and appreciation for their service to our country.  This project is an annual activity spearheaded by Fillmore's STEP Up Facilitator, Michelle Loftis.  Thank you Congressman McNerney for your visit and continued support for Fillmore students and our U.S. troops abroad!

Fillmore 2013 CST Scores Improve by 15 points!

Fillmore Elementary students and staff have reason to celebrate: our 2013 CST scores improved, raising our API points to 695, a 15 point increase!  Click on the link below to see Fillmore's CST results!  Next year we will SMASH 700!

Jose H.-1.1.jpg Jose H.-10.jpg Jose H.-11.jpg Jose H.-13.1.jpg Jose H.-2.jpg Jose H.-3.jpg Jose H.-4.jpg Jose H.-5.jpg Jose H.-6.1.jpg Jose H.-7.1.jpg Jose H.-8.1.jpg Jose H.-9.1.jpg Jose Hernandez.jpg IMG_6941.JPG Jose H.-14.jpg Jose H.-15.jpg

Fillmore's Science Night January 2013 a Huge Success!

Fillmore's Science Night on Wednesday was the place to be! Over 800 parents and students were in attendance to see and hear the evenings activities.  MESA teachers and students hosted a Star Lab and special science presentations, including several hands-on science exhibits!  But the "star" of this evening was NASA astronaut and former Fillmore student Jose Hernandez, who gave an hour long presentation on his life growing up in Stockton, his parents influence and support of his goal, and career in NASA.  His presentation included 2 videos including his training and flight into space on the Space Shuttle "Discovery" in 2009.   His message to students and parents was, "Set a goal, make a road map to get to your goal, know how far away you are from your goal, work hard in school so that you can achieve your goal, and have determination in order to fulfill your goal."   After his presentation, Jose Hernandez stayed to sign autographs and have his picture taken with students and parents.  The Fillmore community thanks NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez for his visit and looks forward to his return!

Today: 6/26/16

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